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    Comcast forges 'network to modem' DOCSIS 4.0 connection

    Cable op claims another '10G' milestone with Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) live lab trial that linked its virtual cable modem termination system to DOCSIS cable modems configured to operate in the FDX spectrum band.

    Vodafone Group and Aditya Birla Group may infuse $400 million in Vodafone Idea to support the company clearing off dues and growth, it's been reported.

    Eurobites: Orange opens 5G lab in Antwerp

    Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Rootmetrics finds EE is still ahead of the 5G pack; how 5G can help anticipate landslides; blockchain for tower management.

    Omdia's Dario Talmesio talks about how fiber infrastructure is attracting more investors these days, and why they see value in something other than retail telecoms services.

    The Dutch incumbent has seen a fall in maintenance costs and improvement in customer spending in areas where fiber has been deployed.

    Ronan Kelly, Adtran's CTO for its EMEA & APAC regions, discusses the future of GPON as so many other PON variants are battling for the hearts, minds and wallets of network operators around the world.

    Analyst warns IT professionals to do due diligence when purchasing AIOps

    While 64% of companies say they are using AIOps, ZK Research's Zeus Kerravala says many AIOps services are missing a key component ?artificial intelligence.

    Research Director Michael Philpott explains why fiber is a critical component to the success of 5G networks, and why every region needs access to gigabit speeds.

    Huawei opens four more enterprise vertical units

    Huawei is drilling down further into enterprise with the formation of four new business teams to target emerging segments.

    'Our investigation indicates that threat actors were able to access username/passwords from outside sources, and exploit that information to login to Visible accounts,' the company reported.

    Ericsson suggests '6G Basic' standards could be released in 2027

    On its website, Ericsson published a graphic that it said was 'the 3GPP's 5G evolution time plan.' It shows the global standards group potentially releasing '6G Basic' in 2027.

    BT aims to keep Huawei for fiber until early 2030s

    The UK telecom incumbent says it has been talking with the government about earning the full return on its investment in Huawei products.

    Howard Watson explains how BT plans to phase out Huawei equipment, and why it's banking on the benefits of a 5G converged core.

    Customers are looking to combine telco and tech elements into solutions, coupled AI, edge computing and IoT, Shuter said.

    Labor shortages spread into wireless industry's retail biz

    Some companies are offering generous sign-up bonuses. Others are cutting store hours. Whatever the result, it's clear that workforce shortages are beginning to affect the retail sector of the wireless industry.

    MixComm CEO talks advancements in beamforming and mmWave for 5G

    MixComm's CEO explains the company's approach to beamforming and mmWave, and how partnerships are key to furthering updates to those 5G technologies.

    DOCSIS 4.0 puzzle starting to come together

    Suppliers are making rapid process with network and CPE elements that will support the Extended Spectrum DOCSIS flavor of DOCSIS 4.0, Cox's Jeff Finkelstein says.

    Federated hopes spectrum leasing catches hold

    With its new Spectrum Exchange, Federated hopes to provide spectrum licenses on-demand, just as Google scales its cloud computing services up and down based on customer demand.

    Liberty Global reportedly eyeing Belgian tower sale

    Reports suggest that the 3,000 towers used by Telenet could be flogged off for up to €600m.

    Eurobites: Orange gets greener by using refurbished Nokia gear

    Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Nokia ships application containers; Arcep vindicated in French 5G spectrum rumpus; Vodafone comes up short on advertising standards.

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